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Blog Category: Sports Medicine

Should you squat with your feet straight?

One of the messages that seems to have infiltrated the pre/post-partum recovery and return to fitness world is to stand and squat with your feet straight. I am not a fan of this message, and never a fan of a formula or an “everyone should” premise. Saying everyone’s feet should go in one particular trajectory...

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Fitness is the path

Fitness isn’t just the goal, it’s the path. This was my favorite slide from my recent presentation at the APTA’s Combined Sections Meeting (#APTACSM) with Brianna Battles, BS Kin, MS, CSCS, USAW.  Our topic: bridging the gap between rehab and fitness for female athletes. This message, fitness as the path back to health and return...

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Pelvic Floor in a Front Squat vs a Back Squat?

Major #nerdlove for Chris Beardsley of Strength and Conditioning Research. This infographic highlights a study that compared the difference in activation patterns of quads, hams and glutes in a front squat (bar sits at the front of the shoulders) vs a back squat (bar sits on the back of the shoulders).  When front loaded, the front of the...

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Young Female Athletes Part Three: Pelvic Health and a Coordinated Core

It’s our final installment of Young Female Athlete month here at Julie Wiebe, PT! Julie Granger, PT of Prism Wellness Center has brought her wealth of knowledge and experience working with this population to us in this 3-blog series!! These are excerpts from her recently published e-book Young Female Athlete’s Playbook . We’ve covered growth spurts,...

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