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Female Athlete Pre-Conference-APTA Combined Sections

Treating the Female Athlete: A Symposium and Literature Update

Pre-Conference-APTA Combined Sections

February 20, 2017

New Orleans, LA

I will be joining some impressive colleagues** for the CSM pre-conference course Treating the Female Athlete: A Symposium and Literature Update.  We will be discussing the  different facets of treating the female athlete. Whether you are a pelvic floor physical therapist, orthopedic physical therapist, or sports physical therapist, there are multiple factors to consider. This one-day pre-con will cover a wide variety of topics for the female athlete including the following topics: treatment of the pregnant and postpartum athlete, treatment of the high-intensity athlete, treatment of the endurance athlete, treatment of concussions in the female athlete, and treatment of the female athlete triad and adolescent athlete.

Join us! 

**Valerie Bobb, PT, DPT, WCS, ATC
Stacy Divis Head, PT, DPT, WCS
Devon Gaydosh, PT, DPT
Albina Heidebrect, PT, DPT
Meghan Rhode, PT, DPT, WCS
Julie Wiebe, PT, MPT

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