Let’s put our heads together! One on one, pro to pro collaboration, Q and A, patient consultation, and mentoring via an online meeting platform. Build practice tools to integrate the pelvic floor and diaphragm into rehabilitation, return to fitness and sport specific programs. Or simply ask questions!

Want to learn as a staff? Consider a lunch time lecture or an online Q and A. Why not go all in and take an online course with your staff or group. Group discounts are available for all online courses, and online group mentoring is available to support your distance learning. Group online courses with mentoring creates collective continuing education with a rewind button, no travel or time away from the clinic and face time with the instructor.

For groups that have purchased an online course together, group mentoring is offered at the individual price. Contact Julie at to get started!

Book a Mentoring Session:


1 hour $150

4 hours $500


1 hour $250

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