Dear Everyone: I’m Moving On

Big Changes Coming!! 

Dear Everyone,

After a lot of serious contemplation and behind the scenes prep I have decided to quit my job. And since I own my own business that is a strange brew. This shift is still motivated by my passion and desire to help females and other underserved populations. The mission isn’t changing, how I plan to pursue it is.

My sequel?

I hope to continue to try to move the ball forward in a positive way by moving into research on pelvic and abdominal health in female athletes. We need female researchers asking questions for females. Exciting opportunities have come my way and new technologies are affording us the chance to actually seek out the “answers” to so many clinical questions. Simultaneously, I will be pursuing my DPT and hopefully, down the road I will be able to apply the research toward a DSc in Movement Science (our family needs to get through the DPT first).

My goals are to work towards opportunities in academia. Anyone need adjunct faculty? Give me a call in about 18 months. I hope remote and hybrid DPT degree programs will continue to grow to allow me to do that while still being present for my kiddos here in LA. My bachelor’s degree is in Movement Science and it seems only fitting that, if I can pull it off, my final degree would be there too. Movement analysis, modification, and education has always been my first love. I intend to be better prepared than ever to help recreational to elite female athletes enjoy pain and leak free fitness and performance, and equip other pros to provide the same.

So in order to pull these new projects off, to keep moving the ball forward in new ways there is wisdom in knowing that something has to give. I have had a long internal debate on what has to go, so I can add to my plate. Two things, participation in social media and patient care have found themselves on the chopping block. Both require a lot of time, and energy. But what I have discovered and have to acknowledge is that one continues to give me life, learning and joy….and one simply doesn’t.

Social media….you’ve been chopped.

I have tried to use the medium well. I have earnestly tried to be, and think I have been, generous and trustworthy with my knowledge and understanding of women’s health and fitness. I think I can humbly submit that I have played a role in moving the conversation in women’s health from a singular focus on isolated work of the pelvic floor to using all the systems in the body connected with the pelvic floor as means of intervention. This includes the use of fitness as a path for changing pelvic, musculoskeletal and performance health simultaneously. I didn’t just share what the research said, I built intervention strategies around it and showed you how to use them.

I still feel like that job isn’t done yet. Ladies, I still got your back. I am simply finding new ways to do it. It boils down to a math equation…I cannot keep adding to my plate and stay balanced, care for my family and ‘mom’ the way I want to….something has to go.

I am not disappearing completely; I’ll still post occasionally with content I think has high value or is really hilarious. I’ll lurk in a few forums to keep learning. I’ll weigh in occasionally if tagged. But if you really want to hear from me, know what I think about a topic and want to continue to learn from me, please come learn from ME. I will try to make it worth your while. Please know others don’t speak for me. Many have integrated what I teach, but it often comes back to me formulaic, twisted, watered down and sometimes, simply stated, not at all what I said/say/teach. Which is frustrating…and part of the challenge of social media for me. One of my favorite recent examples is when someone argued with me about the meaning and intention of one of the cues/concepts I developed – “Blow Before You Go”. Ummmmmmm…..

So here’s how to find me:  

Join my newsletter: I will be, with some regularity, posting content, videos, and blogs via my newsletter. I just finished an exclusive video series for subscribers to try to address some of the “formulaic and watered down” versions of what I teach, called “Breath Mechanics for Pelvic Health and Fitness”. I hope more series like this will be on the way. The newsletter is also a great place to keep up with live and online course updates, and get discounts for online content (only newsletter subscribers got a big Black Friday bonus this year).

Come to a course: I will still be teaching live adult and pediatric courses. Check my site regularly for updates and/or join the newsletter to stay in the know.

Take an online course: Don’t wait for me to come to a town near you! Get the info now. If you are a pro, please don’t stop at the module I created for women (non-pros). It isn’t intended to be a professional level course! I promise, there is more to it, and you need it at a greater depth than your clients in order to fully understand the ideas, share them in your feeds and care for/treat/train a variety of women. More great courses are on their way!

(Heads-up: Both live and online courses offer CEUs in most states. But I DO NOT offer any certificates, badges or branding of you to my thoughts and strategies (nor do I endorse those of others). I really strongly believe that is for governed bodies, not little ‘ol me.)

Mentor with me: I LOVE mentoring! I love consulting and collaborating on cases to support practitioners! 

Check out my website: It is seriously FULL of FREE resources-blogs, videos, and podcast interviews. Please use the search function to look for topics of interest. But again…please do more than read a few blogs and think “I got this”. Really explore it in depth and try it on a lot of folks before you translate it back out onto social media, blogs or your own community teaching.

See me as a patient: As I sort out my new workload and project demands in my first trimester, I will be limiting my patient schedule until the Spring. I will have a better handle then on how best to keep seeing folk’s one-on-one (this will not impact my current caseload). I may be hiring in the new year to help meet needs locally. Interested? Then join my newsletter for an update.

Parting Thought…

Recently someone I follow on Instagram (Shauna Niequist, @sniequist) wrote:

I’m a fellow traveler, not an expert.

I’m a human, not a brand.

That feels like a great mission statement as I continue on to my next chapter. I can’t wait for this new season to grow in new ways and have more to offer the women’s health and fitness community.

Take care everyone and please be kind to one another.

Happy Holidays-


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10 thoughts on “Dear Everyone: I’m Moving On”

  1. Marla Tonon says:

    Good luck Julie! I always enjoy hearing your insight.

    1. Julie Wiebe says:

      Thank you! Julie

  2. Amanda says:

    Sounds exciting! Best wishes!

    1. Julie Wiebe says:

      Thank you! Julie

  3. Melissa says:

    I think this is awesome!
    I love your material and refer to you as a pioneer in our field all the time!
    Good for you for cutting out some to make room for you!
    Look forward to more from you!

    1. Julie Wiebe says:

      Thank you! I really appreciate the kind words! Julie

  4. Adriana P. Mesa, DPT says:

    Thank you for your contributions to our profession, and best of luck! Looking forward to what you achieve in the near future.

    1. Julie Wiebe says:

      Thank you! Julie

  5. Elaine Kirton says:

    Hi Julie,
    I was a little sad to read your news, but I’m sure you are onto bigger, better galaxcies. I’ve just signed up to 3 of your courses over the Black Thursday weekend. I haven’t got my head around them yet… Moving House, a Death in the family and Christmas. The three main stressors of Life seem to have got in the way!!
    Hopefully meet you in the Real World sometime either in California or the UK!
    Kind regards, Elaine Kirton.

    1. Julie Wiebe says:

      Thanks! You have a lot on your plate! I hope to meet IRL too! Julie

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