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APTA Combined Sections Meeting: The Social Media Dilemma

The Social Media Dilemma: Adapt and Engage or Get Left behind?

February 23, 2022 3:00-5:00 PM (Private Practice Section)

The last two years catapulted us into a new digital age. Those that had a pre-pandemic online social media presence, digital marketing skills, and/or digital service provision strategies had a life raft in the midst of a tidal wave of change. Now, a digital presence has shifted from being an afterthought to providing a clear way not just to survive but thrive in the business of physical therapy. But where to begin? How will you determine effectiveness or measure your return on investment? What are your barriers to entry? What if you hate social media? The purpose of this presentation is to share both research-based and best practice strategies to equip physical therapists with the tools and skills to build a digital presence that is aligned with their unique voice and true to their core values. 2020 exposed shortcomings in our services, but also opened our eyes to professional possibility. Hear from four pros that have taken diverse paths to success through the social media landscape and learn how to adapt and engage with this new digital space. Gain awareness of do’s and don’ts, benefits and risks, and the value-add social media can be for your business.
Come join me as I share alongside some Instagram titans to share social media strategies for physical therapists. 
Jared Vagy (@theclimbingdoctor)
Shante Cofield (@themovementmaestro)
Craig Lindell (@theprehabguys)
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