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dynamic core for kids goes to school

Dynamic Core Goes to School (Oct 20)

Abbotsford, BC

October 20, 2019

Instructors: Shelley Mannell PT, Julie Wiebe PT

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There are many issues that underlie a child’s readiness to learn. Teaching staff face many challenges in the classroom (and parents at home) with posture, attention, difficulty sitting still, impulse control, clumsiness and more. Physical Therapists Shelley Mannell and Julie Wiebe present down-to-earth, practical explanations and tools for teachers and staff to help children optimize their physical, emotional and sensory foundation to support their learning.
Topics of discussion for the day include the relationship of breathing and core stability to alignment, toiletting, emotional self-regulation, sensory processing and attention. Discussion of the need for the brain and body to move and the role of breathing creates a practical approach to supporting the whole child at school and at home.
A combination of lecture, videos and practical experiences facilitate an engaging day of learning that will equip teachers and parents with the know-how and practical skills to use in their classrooms and families on Monday morning.

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