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Female Runner/Athlete Summer Home Case Study-Q&A Session

]Join in this collaborative opportunity to review the Home Case Study provided as a culminating activity to support synthesizing the concepts in Treating and Training the Female Runner (or Any Female Athlete) course*. We will break down the intake videos of Patient X from breathing to running. Using her case to apply the ‘Demand, Strategy and Capacity’ reasoning model offered in the course. This will also be a great opportunity to get your lingering questions answered! Limited spaces are available. Enroll today! (We will initiate a waitlist when the course is FULL**).

When: May 18, 3-5pm EST

Where: Remote access from home

How: Once you have enrolled in the course, you will be given access to the course where there will be a Zoom link for the event and case details for review.***

Enroll Here!

* This opportunity is only available to folks that have completed either a live or online Treating and Training the Female Runner (of Any Female Athlete) course
** Please email to get on the waitlist once the course is full
*** Course access is granted as soon as the purchase goes through and expires 24 hours after the zoom meeting. The session will be recorded and sent to the participants after it has concluded.

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