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Pregnancy, Postpartum and Abdominopelvic Considerations for Female Runners

Pregnancy, Postpartum and Abdominopelvic Considerations for Female* Runners

March 21, 2023

Live-Online (7:00 PM UUR/1:00 PM EST)

Pregnancy, postpartum, and abdominopelvic health considerations for *female runners are not well understood by either the musculoskeletal, sports medicine, or pelvic health rehabilitation communities. Clinicians often lack relevant training in their education, and siloed practice patterns challenge a comprehensive approach to assessment, recovery, and return to run programming. Conflicting information and large gaps in the research literature leave both professionals and individuals without clear guidance on best practices.

Female runners will experience a range of challenges often intertwined as abdominopelvic, musculoskeletal, and performance needs. A biopsychosocial clinical approach will consider these variables as components of an interconnected whole. Providers across specialties need new tools, and intervention models that bridge the siloed divide and equip them to provide integrated whole person, female athlete care.

This 2-hour live-online presentation seeks to introduce and equip providers across specialties with an understanding of pregnancy, postpartum, and abdominopelvic health considerations as they relate to the presentation and clinical course of female runners. Integrative intervention strategies will be offered to bridge silos and complement existing skill sets.


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PLEASE NOTE: This event hosted by Smart Education, a Belgian course provider. Start time is 7:00 PM local time in Belgium, 1:00 PM EST in North America.

*When used here and throughout the course, the term Female refers to biological sex assigned at birth, not one’s previous or current gender identity. The instructor strongly believes that gender inclusive terminology and care is paramount when working with all people and recognizes the limitations of utilizing the term Female.


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