Piston Science Part One provided clinicians with the skills and strategies to begin to blend pelvic, musculoskeletal and return to fitness principles. Building on that foundation, Piston Science Part Two: Bridge the Gap Between Rehab and Fitness is designed to equip rehabilitation professionals with a clinical reasoning framework, empowering them to think through the varied needs of fit women to help them make the leap from basic exercise to fitness at any level.

First, clinicians will learn to listen to their client to grasp the contribution of their developmental, physical, pregnancy and postpartum history as it relates to their current presentation. Then the evaluation of the demands of their fitness and their strategies and capacity to meet those demands will provide the backdrop for the organization of treatment planning and progressions. Clinicians will gain the critical capacity to break down symptomatic functional and fitness activities in order to build them back up, while monitoring and modifying the programs as they go. read more

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