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40 is the new 30, right?

My 40th birthday is around the corner, and I have already started to notice some physical changes. First, it takes longer to work off the ½ bag of kettle corn consumed the night before. Also, I recently went thru what I can only describe as a hormone storm that left me feeling pregnant AND peri-menopausal...

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Why Don’t Crunches Work?

Crunches are a mom’s go-to exercise to try to get her belly back. But no matter how many she does or how hard she tries they simply don’t get the job done. A flat belly seems elusive. This mommy mystery is usually chalked up to stretched–out muscles, laziness (arrgh-never call a mom lazy), or just...

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How Strong is Your After-Baby Core?

These days books, DVD’s, and gyms all promote Core strengthening programs. But despite a mom’s best efforts, her Core may not actually be playing along due to the lingering changes brought on by pregnancy (even pregnancies from long ago). Find out if your Core can pass our quiz. 1. Does your belly pooch out while...

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