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Blog Tag: Transverse Abdominis

The Pelvic Floor Needs New PR

The pelvic floor needs new PR! We need to take steps to break down the barriers for practitioners and patients to begin to appreciate the power of this muscle group and the multi-tasking capacity that it has beyond just keeping panties dry, organs in, and sex happy. First step, let’s expand the definition of a...

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A Whole Body Approach: A Global Community Weighs In

I am excited to share a series of great conversations that have occurred in the social media sphere via an extravaganza of tweets, blogs, commentaries, Facebook posts, and Linked-In discussions. The conversation participants, we like to refer to ourselves as the #pelvicmafia, are a global group of Musculoskeletal practitioners that integrate the pelvic floor into...

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The Family Feud: TA Isolation vs Bracing

  The rehab and fitness communities are in the midst of a little family fight over the work of two of our field’s visionaries; Paul Hodges, the grandfather of TA isolation and Stuart McGill, the um…step-dad of bracing. Despite our lack of conclusions or resolution internally, our private fight has leaked to the public in...

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Kegel 2.0 Part 2

In Kegel 2.0 Part 1, we worked on increasing awareness of the portion of the pelvic floor that helps stop leaks by using a positional cue, shifting at the ankles as if you were going off a ski jump. This position gives women better awareness and access to this elusive set of muscles so they...

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