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Persistent Pelvic Pain in Athletes: A Biopsychosocial Approach

March 20, 2024  7:30-8:30 PM (EST)

Virtual CEU Event Co-hosted by the APTA-Michigan Pain Special Interest Group and APTA-Michigan Eastern District

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Event Contact: Angela Vannostrand, PT

Persistent pelvic pain (internal) in athletes is not well understood. This 1-hour discussion will explore the interconnected systems that can contribute to the development of pelvic pain, while taking into consideration the added complexity and intertwined amplification of symptoms created by the athletic mindset, post-injury loss of sport and community, and high-level return to performance demands. Research updates will further participant understanding of the role of pelvic floor overactivity in athletic pelvic health needs. Finally, a case study describing the clinical course of a professional iron distance triathlete with persistent hip and pelvic pain will provide a framework for the discussion of biopsychosocialstrategies to support symptom resolution and return to sport.

Objectives-Upon completion of this session participants will:

• Describe the anatomical, physiologic, and functional inter-relationships between the hip complex, postural control, and pelvic health systems as a therapeutic bridge between musculoskeletal, performance, and pelvic health considerations.

• Articulate the added biopsychosocial complexities of the athletic mindset on persistent pelvic pain, particularly in the context of high-performance demands, post-injury challenges, and the loss of sport and community.

• Discuss the role of pelvic floor overactivity in persistent pelvic pain in athletic individuals.

• Value abdominopelvic health and access to fitness of choice as components of whole person care.


  • Understanding Pelvic Pain: Terminology, biopsychosocial contributors (10 min)
  • Pelvic floor functional, physiologic, and anatomical inter-relationships (10 min)
  • Biopsychosocial Athletic considerations (10 min)
  • Case Study: Meet Kate- Professional Iron-Distance Triathlete (20 min)
  • Q and A- (10 min)
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