Julie Wiebe pops into my mind as the first person to suggest when I’m asked for a recommendation for a physical therapist who is an expert in pelvic health on the West coast. Technology allows her passion and expertise to have a much farther reach than her local community. I reached out to Julie via email sharing photos and video for assistance with a complicated patient. Collaboration with Julie resulted in a successful outcome for the patient: pain free, normal movement within 7 visits. I couldn’t have achieved an outcome like that independently!

Selena Horner, PT

I use what you taught me every clinic day with every patient… Makes my job tons easier.

Meg, PT, OCS

I was treating a challenging case of pubic symphysis pain in a college athlete. I could change the symptoms with the normal glute and trunk programs, but it kept returning. After collaborating with Julie, I was able to integrate her knowledge of managing pelvic problems with my knowledge of sports. This allowed my athlete to get her pain to a manageable level despite her prior history, and not giving up the sport she loved. I thank Julie for reminding me that the pelvic floor, alignment, and breathing plays such a pivotal role in trunk stability, giving me a solid system and progression of how to treat this, and ultimately helping me better manage recalcitrant cases of back and pelvic pain.

Jen Miller, PT, MPT, SCS

OMG, Julie! I cannot adequately express how awesome this course has been. Your enthusiasm just adds to it all!

Thank you! You are going to revolutionize PT!


I got way more from this course then I anticipated. Saw instant results in myself and demos. I can see how this will free my hands so I’m not overworking as a manual therapist. I believe this will revolutionize my practice.

Laura Wilson, DPT – Round Rock, TX

Excellent course! I will be able to use it Monday morning. Every Chiropractor and Manual therapist should take this course.

Connie G (DC)

As a rural paediatric therapist, I don’t often have the opportunity to access professional development.So when a relevant course comes up I keep my fingers crossed that the material will be both relevant and applicable to my physiotherapy practice that is consultative in nature, very part-time, and covers children from birth to 19 years of age.

Needless to say, I was not disappointed with your course.

My eyes have been opened to a new way of looking at children and I am very excited to begin educating caregivers on a new core strategy that will hopefully make a difference in the wee ones’ lives.

Your passion was infective!

Helen, (PT)

I’ve really changed my approach to core strengthening since your course and will definitely continue to use the approach.

Michelle D (PT/DO)

I’ve found that I’ve made it the basis for starting most of my programs. I’ve tried it with patients ranging from post RC tear repairs with good effect to patients with MS and with one child with DCD. And of course the chronic back pain patients.I find that patients really like the idea of setting up the system before engaging in any extremity work. It makes sense to them.

Justin M (PT)

Many thanks for the new direction I’m able treat my patients with. I truly appreciate your approach to teaching, and more importantly your approach to treating patients. I’m thrilled with the results I’m getting clinically with your approach to training/retraining the Core.

Doug (AT/RMT)

Having done orthopaedics all my life and love spinal problems, taught manual therapy courses for 15 years as well as doing a lot of acupuncture and osteopathy/canial- sacral courses, I have never seen such fast results as what we learned from Julie. I want this implemented with every person who comes in the door.

Cathie M (PT/ Clinic owner )

I took Julie’s webinar and learned so much! I’ve been working with people with pelvic dysfunction many years and this added knowledge has helped me move people forward functionally. After watching the webinar I had many questions, so Julie and I met on line. Beforehand I emailed my questions and Julie prepared for the session with pictures and props. Our session was very productive. Due to Julie’s wealth of experience she has very practical advice and suggestions. This is a great way for me to learn without having to travel, well worthwhile!

Mary Egan, PT

Having another set of eyes and another brain to help problem solve a complex patient was great! Male patient with incomplete SCI, multiple fractures and recent ACL reconstruction. Julie’s skills and long distance coaching was valuable in assisting the patient to remain independent with household ambulation . Postural alignment, breathing, pelvic floor activation were all instrumental in decreasing fall risk with improved balance. Voluntary bladder control was also improved especially when pain, tone and spasticity were high. Thanks tons for making both the patient and me successful!

Michelle, PT/OCS

Before learning about Julie and her way of teaching and treating women’s health issues and the connection between the pelvic floor, diaphragm and other core musculature, my knowledge of women’s health was limited to about an hour on kegels that I received in PT school. She has really opened my eyes to a new way of looking at women’s health and the core for treatment of multiple diagnoses in both women and men. I have been able to implement Julie’s teachings in my treatment of patients ranging from chronic low back pain to athletes. It is truly a revolutionary way of addressing the core and as it relates to women’s health and functional and athletic activities in both sexes. She has been a great help in guiding me with her knowledge and I am truly grateful for her patience and assistance.

John Paul Guidry, PT

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