After 10 months post pregnancy and working with a personal trainer for 15 weeks, I was  losing hope that I would ever have a flat stomach again.  It was at this time that I was introduced to Julie through a local mom’s group.  After hearing her presentation about the various aspects of the core and the importance of the  inter-connectivity of the core parts, I realized that I was doing all the wrong things to improve my abs! 
Following five sessions with Julie,  I was astounded by the results I was able to achieve both physically (flatter stomach and core strength) and mentally.    Moving forward, I am confident that the strategy, support, and knowledge (about my own body) that I have obtained through this experience will enhance my overall health and well-being.  Overall, I feel much more empowered as a result of my therapy.” 


After developing severe pelvic pain during pregnancy followed by a difficult delivery with my first child and a c-section with my second, I knew I needed professional help to get my body functioning normally again.  I can’t tell you how happy I am to have found Julie to help me on my road to recovery. She listened to my entire history without dismissing or downplaying any of my concerns and developed a holistic approach to addressing my specific weaknesses, improving my posture and strengthening my core with simple exercises I could do at home while taking care of my kids.  It was great to have someone to talk to about my post-pregnancy issues and to see such immediate results.  Now I’m more mindful of my body in everything I do.  Julie helped me develop a work out plan for the gym and I find that I’m in better shape than I was pre-pregnancy–I have Julie to thank for that.


I am doing SO MUCH BETTER!! THANK-YOU!!!!!! I can carry my daughter like a champ (and obviously she is getting heavier by the day) with NO problems. I can run PAINFREE!!! I can run 2-3 days in a row – PAINFREE!!! YAHOO!!!! Thanks again, – a BIG thanks!!


Julie’s passion and devotion for what she does is evident after meeting her.She broke down my actions gave me more body awareness as to why some of these issues were happening within my body. Before I met with Julie I met with several physiotherapists trying to find answers to my recent issues but had not success but I believed there had tobe some solutions other than surgery. After my first visit with Julie I finally got answers and results from exercises and methods she used. This letter does not do justice as to how much I think of and respect her!

Kim M

After 3 back surgery recoveries, Julie was the first person I have seen that looked at all my issues together and has been able to understand how each problem compensates for the other issues. Julie was able to reduce the pressure on my lower back within few sessions. Julie has even given me a few “strategies” that I use in my everyday life that help to relieve the pain immediately. I now have the confidence to start a fitness program.

Stacey F

Speaking from a wealth of experience, and a medical background, there are not many people as dedicated to their patients as Julie is. She integrates her treatment like no one I’ve ever worked with. More importantly, she is diligent in explaining and demonstrating and working with you to make sure you understand what your exercises are for, what they feel like and how they work.

Jen L

I’ve counted the number of practitioners I’ve seen searching for someone to “cure” me in the last 6 years: 3 orthopedic surgeons, 2 neurosurgeons, 2 physical medicine doctors, 11 physiotherapists, 4 massage therapists, 3 chiropractors, 2 osteopaths, 1 traditional chinese medicine doctor, 1 acupuncturist and one practitioner who stuck needles in my tendons in my back…. and 5 months full time at a pain clinic with various practitioners working together to fix me. Each of these practitioners gave me little pieces to my puzzle, but no one seemed to be able to pull it all together, until I met Julie.

I can now say that I have my flat belly back, my prolapse is 90% better and my leaking is almost resolved!! I’m also back to working full time as an advanced life support Paramedic, without daily painkillers and I haven’t been able to say that for years.

Thank you Julie for giving me the knowledge to heal myself and get my life back.


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