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Julie Wiebe is a physical therapist who specializes in returning women to fitness after injury and pregnancy. She advocates for the awareness of pelvic health issues in fitness and promotes innovative solutions for women through her blog, videos and social media. She shares her evidence-based, integrative approach internationally with both professionals and women through live and online educational programs.

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To Kegel or Not to Kegel?

To Kegel or Not to Kegel?

Q: To Kegel or not to Kegel?- Asking for a friend. A: Short Answer: Both/and, not either/or. Long Answer: Let’s move the conversation forward and ask new questions. What’s the Issue? To Kegel or not to Kegel is a hot topic these days. However, the controversy and conversation is not new. The concern is that...

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Let's put our heads together! Build practice tools to integrate the diaphragm and pelvic floor into rehabilitation, return to fitness and sport specific programs.

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