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There are two courses, and combination of courses, being offered that build a continuum of learning that bridges the interconnectedness of pelvic, musculoskeletal, and performance health. Both courses are equivalent to a live two-day continuing education course, and have been designed as online learning experiences with enhanced videos and self-directed labs.

  1. Diaphragm/Pelvic Floor Piston for Adult Populations: (aka Foundations, Piston Science Part 1 or PS1) This is a 7-module course that lays out the basics of understanding how the pelvic floor is connected to a dynamic central control system (aka the Core) and is the bridge between our silo’ed worlds. It is an introduction to how to identify, cue and broaden our understanding of a dynamic central control that is inclusive of the pelvic floor and diaphragm. This is the Foundation and establishes a language and context for the next course. This course can be broken down in two parts. Modules 1-4 (Day 1) provides the basic skills to evaluate the diaphragm, breath mechanics, manage the pressure system, externally evaluate the pelvic floor through palpation and function, and strategies on how to optimize the interrelationship of these elements. Modules 5-7 (Day 2) apply these concepts and strategies in basic movements, rehab, and fitness activities with a live female runner with hip pain.
  2. Treating and Training the Female Runner (or Any Female Athlete): (aka Runner/Athlete) This is the next piece in the learning pathway. It provides both the clinical reasoning and how-to activities to apply the concepts and strategies from the Foundational Course to female athletes. The focus is on running specifically, but the concepts and strategies can be applied to any kind of athlete at any level (recreational to high intensity).

The recommended order to take the courses is:

  1. Diaphragm/Pelvic Floor Piston for Adult Populations (PS1)
  2. Treating and Training the Female Runner (Runner/Athlete)

Combined Learning Pathway Options:

If you are an internal pelvic floor PT and want to broaden your understanding of how the pelvic floor and diaphragm are interconnected with local and global muscular relationships, dynamic central control strategies, breath mechanics, pressure management and general ortho and fitness needs start with Piston Science Part One.

If you are an orthopedic or sports medicine PT and want to begin to add an understanding of the role of the pelvic floor and diaphragm in the “core system” as your relatable bridge between the pelvic health and ortho/sports med worlds, you can also start with Piston Science Part One. It provides you with the basic concepts, strategies  and cueing for external, functional movement based strategies to access the diaphragm and pelvic floor via dynamic central control strategies, breath mechanics and pressure management strategies applied in general ortho and fitness needs.

If you have a fit or athletic patient population (at any level), it is HIGHLY recommended that you do not stop at the concepts in PS1, and continue with the Runner/Athlete course. PS1 concepts are intended to be a starting point to create a group of foundational concepts and strategies to apply under and within patient-led meaningful movements (either meaningful function or fitness). Treating and Training the Female Runner (or Any Female Athlete) provides the clinical reasoning and more tools to integrate the ideas and strategies into any kind of movement or fitness activity, at any level of intensity.

Start with:

Diaphragm/Pelvic Floor Piston for Adult Populations (Foundations aka: PS1-All 7 modules) ($550 USD) x 50%= $275 USD

(These can also be purchased in smaller increments: Modules 1-4, or Modules 5-7. If you have already taken Module 1 as a stand-alone online course, then Modules 2-4, or 2-7 are also options)

If you have already taken my foundational course and want to apply it to the needs of women who want to return to fitness then go straight to the Runner/Athlete course:

Treating and Training the Female Runner (or Any Female Athlete) (Runner/Athlete) ($550 USD) x50%= $275 USD

(This does include PS1: Module 1, but you are not paying for it twice)

If you are interested in both, you can apply your Lifemark discount to the already discounted bundles:

Full Course PS1 (all 7 modules) + Runner/Athlete ($850 USD as a discounted bundle) x 50% = $450 USD for both


**PS1 first 4 modules (essentially the first day) + Runner/Athlete ($700 USD as a discounted bundle) x50% = $350 USD for both

**You might consider this second option, if your patient population is primarily athletic. The first four modules provide you with the basic tools and concepts, but then the application is directly into the female runners and athletes.

Please note: Those that have taken the Runner/Athlete course live you are required to take at least PS1: Module 1 as a prerequisite (thus it is included with the online version of Runner/Athlete). However, the feedback we have received is that most wish they had taken more of PS1 before coming to solidify those skills, and understand the concepts and strategies prior to adding the layer of clinical reasoning and application provided by the Running/Athlete course. A minimum of Modules 1-4 is highly recommended.


Q: It didn’t give me a place to put my discount coupon code

On the check-out screen with your order summary select the hyperlinked text that says “Add Coupon Code” and a box will appear that you can type in your code. Then click “apply” or press the return/enter bar on your keyboard to apply the discount.

Q: I am traveling, can I download the videos to watch without an internet connection?

The videos cannot be downloaded for offline or off app viewing.

Q: When does the course start and finish?

The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course – you decide when you start and when you finish.

Q: How long do I have access to the course?

How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like – across any and all devices you own.

Q: Can I share a course with a friend or colleague? How does this work with a group purchase?

Each course purchase is for a single viewer only, and may not be shared. With a group purchase you may of course watch and discuss the information and concepts gone over with the others in your group, but you should each have agreed to the terms and conditions for the course and have individually purchased your own log-in prior to working together to go over the content.

Q: Is there a prerequisite for the course Treating and Training the Female Runner (or any female athlete)?

Treating and Training the Female Runner is technically a stand alone class with a “prerequisite” of Module One of Piston Science Part One. Completing Module One is the bare minimum, however, we do suggest to take at least modules 1-4 of the foundational course (Piston Science One) to best prep to have a deeper understanding of the system (how to cue it, and integrate it into basic movements) for the Female Runner/Athlete course. Most folks wish they had taken more of the foundational course prior to the Running course (and that has rung true for both pelvic and MSK or sports pros)

Q: Treating and Training the Female Runner (or any Female Athlete) has Module One of Piston Science Part One included with it. Am I paying for that module twice if I get the Foundation + Running Series Bundle?

The new Treating and Training the Female Runner course is technically a stand alone course that has a “prerequisite” of Module 1 from Piston Science Part One. It is almost impossible to uphold a prerequisite for all online purchases, so Julie decided that the simplest way to try to make sure that everyone who buys the new running course is able to get the most out of it, was to include Piston Science Part One Module One (but keeping the same price structure as her other two day courses even with the added module). She is by no means devaluing PS1 Module One on it’s own, but simplifying it the best way we could think of in light of this new course.Q: Are there any pre-approved continuing education credit (CEU/CEC/CCU) for any of the courses? Two of Julie’s courses are still certified with ProCert (in the United States) through FSBPT. FSBPT has decided to discontinue ProCert, so once the current certification on each course expires, the pre-approved CCUs do as well. The two courses that are pre-approved for CCUs still are ‘Piston Science Part Two: Bridge the Gap Between Fitness and Rehab’ and ‘From the Glottis to the Pelvic Floor: Making Clinical Connections’. General information about the CCUs on this pdf here. If the course(s) you are interested in are no longer pre-approved, you can apply for continuing education credit by contacting your state board directly about their process. We provide all of the following items between the course information page and behind the paywall that are often needed:

  • Course outline or agenda
  • Examples of course content (home study materials/slides)
  • Instructor resume or bio
  • Course objectives
  • Referenced text material (if applicable)
  • Certificate of Completion (after completing and passing the post-course exam with a score of >/= 70%)
  • If more information is needed for pre or post approval please email with your request

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