Breathing links multiple body systems together. Using a change in breathing mechanics is a powerful and easy to apply tool in rehab and fitness. A variety of strategies exist that can help women re-organize the systems that are impacted by pregnancy, restore foundational central control, manage and harness high pressures to promote pelvic health and performance, reduce over-recruitment of the abdomen or pelvic floor, reduce pelvic pain and more. The brain loves to breath well, and move well. When breath changes are integrated with meaningful movements and fitness, it builds brain strategies. The end game is for these brain strategies to become a new, automatic, subconscious baseline, so that conscious attention to breathing is no longer needed.

There is no one size fits all breathing intervention strategy. Tune in to deepen your understanding of the research and reasoning behind a continuum of options and intervention strategies. Learn when, how, why and with whom to apply these ideas. Explore the Breath Mechanics for Pelvic Health and Fitness video series now. (30 minutes). This series was created to prevent formulaic thinking and third party interpretations of the many breathing strategies that are taught by and used by Julie Wiebe, PT. Time to learn straight from the source. read more

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