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dvd-coverThe pelvic floor has long been the only muscle targeted in the battle against incontinence, and yet ignored in our pursuit of a strong ‘core’. New research has helped us understand that the pelvic floor is actually a critical part of the ‘core’ team and collectively that team works together to keep your center anchored and dry. Integrated teamwork, linked to the up and down pistoning action of our breath, provides a sturdy foundation that supports our joints and movement, accelerates fitness, and keeps us dry.

DVD Details

Total run time: 1.5 hours (divided into 6 brief segments)

DVD is formatted for Region 1 disc players only (US and Canada). If you live beyond the US and Canadian borders consider purchasing the same great content instantly available as an online course

Internationally recognized Physical Therapist Julie Wiebe is a clinician, educator and advocate for women, specializing in returning women to fitness after injury and pregnancy. Julie guides you step-by-step through this self-paced video series offering new concepts, exercises, movement strategies and body awareness tips easily integrated into your day. A revolution for how you use your body, PFP: Foundation for Fitness is your first step toward resolving leaks and restoring a strong foundation for your movement and fitness.

* Also recommended for minimal to moderate prolapse, diastasis and pelvic pain.

See data from the research study performed on the video content here.

Video Clips

The Diaphragm and Our Internal Pressure System

The Impact of Alignment on the Availability of the Diaphragm and Pelvic Floor

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