Therapists document challenges with the core and postural control in the majority of children who are experiencing motor challenges, regardless of diagnosis: ASD, CP, DCD, hypotonia. Dynamic Core for Kids is a new approach that will equip the pediatric professional with effective tools to build core stability for children with challenges.

In Module One, viewers are introduced to the theory, evidence and concepts for the Dynamic Core approach, a neuromuscular and systems based strategy using breath as an accessible gateway for Core recruitment in the pediatric population.

Modules 2-7 continue the conversation. Participants will learn how the ‘Dynamic Core’ is linked to effective self-regulation and impacts the development of respiration, balance, postural control and functional gross and fine motor skills. Appropriate pediatric assessment and intervention strategies for improving access to the components of the Core (Diaphragm, Pelvic Floor and Transversus Abdominis) and using them together as a foundational postural control team are discussed (Modules 2-4).

Finally, participants learn to integrate Dynamic Core techniques into treatment exercises and functional activities to enhance neuromuscular automaticity which can be immediately applied to a wide variety of clinical situations (direct treatment, school and home programs) in their clients ages 2 years and older (Modules 5-7). read more

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This course has been approved for 9 CCUs by the Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy.


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