Foundations will transform your approach to adult rehab, recovery and return to fitness. The viewer is introduced to a dynamic team of muscles, inclusive of the relationship between the diaphragm and pelvic floor, that works together to balance muscular forces and pressures, creating an integrative model of dynamic central stability. Issues with the musculoskeletal system, movement pattern efficiency, pelvic health, and fitness performance can be addressed simultaneously when this central team is coordinated, then effectively linked to the rest of the superficial postural system (Modules 1-4). Integrated into movement and fitness programs, this inside-out strategy is reinforced and embedded to build automaticity and optimize outcomes (Modules 5-7).

Adapted for the online educational format, embedded video, case examples from recreational to high intensity athletes, independent lab opportunities and live course footage of a runner “volunteer” provide the viewer with ample opportunity to interact with the material and apply this approach in all areas of adult rehab and fitness (women’s health, orthopedics, sports medicine, fitness and neuro).

This course has 7 modules, each building on the previous presentation read more

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