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Synergist: RS/Gait/Plyos

Piston Science: Module 7

Module Seven: Synergist: RS/Gait/Plyos

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Module Seven: Complete your understanding of the postural synergists and inside-out recruitment from anticipatory to reactive core components in Module 7. Rotation is necessary for efficient movement, ground force attenuation, load transfer, power generation, and is often our patients’/clients greatest vulnerability. Our final synergist, the Rotational Synergist (RS-Ipsilateral adductors and deep lateral rotators), completes the movement picture as a complement to the other synergists and as a pre-gait activity. Gait is the postural control and alignment systems in motion. Patients must walk before they can run. Gait assessment and intervention strategies are provided. Plyometrics are briefly addressed in order to prepare patients for the next step: impact loading. Independent lab activities are provided. (Run time approximately 2 hours)

Modules 5-7 were recorded at a live course in Toronto, Ontario. The live recording provides the viewer with the opportunity to hear ongoing practitioner questions and see a volunteer/runner work through each step of the material over the course of the day.

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