PT Pintcast: Incurably Curious about the Pelvic Floor

I had the pleasure of chatting with Jimmy Moore of the PT Pintcast podcast. Click through to listen in.

Here are a few highlights from his show notes:

  • It’s not just about pee, poop, and sex – recognizing the pelvic floor as a powerful ally (2:27), And, per input from other pelvic health PTs Carrie Pagliano and Sarah Haag, how it’s only weird if you make it weird
  • This person needs help RIGHT NOW? No problem – intervening without getting internal (5:29)
  • How YOU became a pelvic health therapist without even knowing it??! #PelvicHealthForAll (7:30)
  • #EastoftheAnus – the difference between internal and external intervention (9:25)
  • P.S. boys, there are male gynecologists, and there are dudes with pelvic health problems, too (11:30)
  • Too many vaginas, too little pelvic specialists – the triage role of orthopedic and sports PTs, why it’s important, and how to get comfortable asking (12:49)
  • Julie’s #PelvicGatewayDrug courses – from female athletes, to pediatrics, to neurological populations… or German dancers? (17:43)
  • NEVER, ALWAYS, EVERYONE, and NO ONE – navigating scary statistics that’ll get your knickers in a twist (19:20)
  • Your normal vs. “air quote normal,” and how everyone wins by meeting in the middle of the pelvic floor bridge (26:54)

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