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What is a Hypertonic (Tight) Pelvic Floor?

If you have stopped to read this blog you are likely… 1.…a fellow PT who is looking for new ideas and tricks. 2….a trainer (pre and.or post natal perhaps) that knows about this issue and wants more info on how to recognize it and not aggravate it in training. 3…a woman who has been told...

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Q and A: What is the Goal of Prolapse Rehab?

Q: OK, here’s my question that I have been thinking about for a while. Is the goal to make the prolapse go away, is that possible or are we aiming to have no symptoms. Without a doubt these principles have alleviated symptoms ( many years past delivery) but I still have a stage 2 prolapse....

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Let’s Hear It For the Boys! Pelvic Health For Men: Part Two

In our first installment, Sarah Haag of Entropy Physiotherapy in Chicago, Illinois talked us through  the basics,  including the common issues men experience (incontinence, post-void dribbling, erectile dysfunction, pelvic pain etc). In this episode, she will discuss the diagnostic dilemma’s facing men with pelvic issues. Prostatitis and Chronic UTI’s are a frequent diagnosis, but that might not be the whole...

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