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Kegel 2.0 Part 1

“How to do a Kegel” articles often recycle the same advice: Use the muscles that stop and start your urine flow. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. (Okay, it was just repeat). The web, self-help books and women’s health magazines are filled with the same articles encouraging this routine. Same advice, with the same result. It doesn’t work....

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Why Don’t Crunches Work?

Crunches are a mom’s go-to exercise to try to get her belly back. But no matter how many she does or how hard she tries they simply don’t get the job done. A flat belly seems elusive. This mommy mystery is usually chalked up to stretched–out muscles, laziness (arrgh-never call a mom lazy), or just...

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Tina Fey’s Is Talking About It, Shouldn’t We?

If you’ve ever been to a church social, college orientation or summer camp you’ve participated in an ice breaker. Pass the orange tucked under your chin, what’s your favorite toothpaste and why, slide the lifesaver between toothpicks held in teeth, if you were a tree, which would you be….? What ice breakers create in social...

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