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Q and A: Goldilocks and the "Too Hot" Pelvic Floor

More great webinar questions today. This question is from a fitness pro who is also undergoing treatment herself for pelvic health issues. Q: (In the webinar) you reference a study saying the pelvic floor more strongly activates when sitting upright and with a natural lordotic curve, which makes sense. But apparently I am too lordotic...

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Alignment and the High Tight Pelvic Floor

Alignment and the high, tight pelvic floor – it sounds like the start of a kids fairy tale. And maybe it is! Can a high, tight pelvic floor have a happily ever after? Could alignment be a knight in shining armor for the pelvic floor? My short answer is: yes! For the long answer keep...

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A Whole Body Approach: A Global Community Weighs In

I am excited to share a series of great conversations that have occurred in the social media sphere via an extravaganza of tweets, blogs, commentaries, Facebook posts, and Linked-In discussions. The conversation participants, we like to refer to ourselves as the #pelvicmafia, are a global group of Musculoskeletal practitioners that integrate the pelvic floor into...

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Lions, Tigers, High Heels…Oh My!

A recent NY Times Well Blog discussed the dangers of high heels based on an Australian study that compared the differences in foot muscle and tendon activation patterns in frequent vs infrequent high heel wearers while walking barefoot. The study found that frequent high heel wearers (40+ hours/week) retained a barefoot walking pattern that mimicked how...

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