Core Conversations April 2011

Hello Friends of Interior Fitness!

2011 is off to a great start with a recent trip back to our old stomping grounds of Toronto to teach Dynamic Pelvic Floor for Core Programs to a great group of PTs, ATs and Kinesiologists. It was a great opportunity to share the concepts of an integrated, neuromuscular model for core recruitment driven by the relationship between the diaphragm and pelvic floor, not just the abs.

A physical therapist that attended the course just sent me an encouraging note about the results her patients are experiencing when she implemented the concepts into her patient programs:

“Having done orthopaedics all my life and love (treating) spinal problems, taught manual therapy courses for 15 years as well as doing a lot of acupuncture and osteopathy/canial- sacral courses, I have never seen such fast results as what we learned from you…Two young men 19 and 22 with severe back pain for 6 months to 1&1/2 years with solid disc pathology and pains of 8/10. Both of them went down to 5/10 pain after 1 treatment. They were both down to 2/10 after the second treatment.”  Cathie, PT

Next stop is Edmonton, Alberta on May 27-29, 2011 to teach a new course called Dynamic Core Across the Lifespan. This three-day course will apply the neuromuscular model to patient populations from pediatrics to geriatrics. Topics Shelley Mannell, my pediatric teaching partner, and I will be exploring include pediatric core development and dysfunction, the role of neuromuscular core dysfunction in non-contact ACL injuries in adolescent girls, musculoskeletal complaints in pregnancy and beyond and in elderly balance dysfunction. Detailed course information can be found  here: , including a link to the host. The course host Jeff Cubos,BPHE MSc, DC, FCCSS(C), CSCS is offering an early bird discount for registrations before April 17. So please pass the information on to any practitioners that you think might be interested!

All the best!

Julie Wiebe, PT

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