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Want to build diastasis tension? Load it!

Want to Build Diastasis Tension? Load It!

Want to build diastasis tension? Load it! I find that I need to load the fascia of my fit mamas in a way that matches how hard they are used to working out. The more intensity they are familiar with, the more I need to load their fascia to create a change. We usually lay...

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Progress isn't always a straight line

Progress Isn’t Always a Straight Line

Progress isn’t always a straight line. Rehab and returning to activities you enjoy can be a fickle beast.  . Or if we just do these four exercises you will be all better, but that is not always how it works. This is particularly true in the early post-partum period. Women are healing, tired, hormones are...

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Q and A: Swimming and Pelvic Organ Prolapse

Q: Do you have any suggestions for swimming with a pelvic organ prolapse.  A:  I really love swimming for my female athletes as they work to recover from prolapse and return to some movement and fitness and get their heart rate up. Generally, the lack of impact makes it a great place for ladies who...

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Tips for Return to Running with Prolapse

I recently had the opportunity to hash out how to begin to build back to running for women with pelvic organ prolapse and other pelvic health issues. Have a listen as I chat with Dr. Bri Grogan on her  FemFusionFitness   YouTube channel!     Don’t want to miss a post? Sign up for my newsletter...

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Dear Friends and Colleagues Part Two!

Dear Friends and Colleagues, It’s that time of year again, folks. I am headed out on a professional sabbatical. No surprise, the timing coincides with my kids summer break, and I am looking forward to hang time with them. It is also an attempt to maintain some balance for me, my family and my professional...

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