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Female Runner/Athlete Spring Home Case Study-Q&A Session

Join in this collaborative opportunity to review the Home Case Study provided as a culminating activity to support synthesizing the concepts in Treating and Training the Female Runner (or Any Female Athlete) course*. We will break down the intake videos of Patient X from breathing to running. Using her case to apply the ‘Demand, Strategy and Capacity’ reasoning...

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Female Runner

Return To Run: considerations for the female runner

I am fresh off debuting my new Treating and Training the Female Runner course in the UK. I was grateful and honored to be hosted by Emma Brockwell** (aka @physiomumuk, co-founder of @pelvicroar and co-author of the recently published Return to Running Postnatal Guidelines). Folks came from all over the World-Ireland, Scotland, Bulgaria, Iceland, Finland,...

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Running while pregnant

Tips for Runners and Wannabe Runners Who Leak

“How do you treat incontinence in female runners?” is probably one of the questions I get the most. It even came up recently during a live webinar for pediatric professionals. Here are some tips I shared for altering a runners form to address leaks during a run. Leaning into the run from the ankles to...

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