Tips for Runners and Wannabe Runners Who Leak

“How do you treat incontinence in female runners?” is probably one of the questions I get the most. It even came up recently during a live webinar for pediatric professionals. Here are some tips I shared for altering a runners form to address leaks during a run. Leaning into the run from the ankles to passively get the rib cage over the pelvis (the “ski jump”) and changing visual cues can improve their access to the Diaphragm/Pelvic Floor Piston relationship and glutes; optimize structural support for the continence mechanism; improve propulsion and simultaneously reduce the demand on the system. Sounds like a win-win: faster and drier.


Use these tips as a great guide, but if you don’t get the results you were hoping for, you may not be ready to run.  Your system or stability strategy may need more time to heal, coordinate, or strengthen to take on the repeat impact demands of running. So here are some additional ideas for those that need to get their strategy solidified before they get out there.


Want to learn more about finding your own Pelvic Floor Piston and/or how to treat female athletes? Check out online courses for individuals and practitioners here .



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