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Coffee With Lorimer

Well, we didn’t actually have coffee. But I think I may have been drinking coffee and done a spit-take when I opened my inbox to find that Lorimer Moseley had responded to an insanely long, and question laden email I sent him about a year and a half ago. Tweets had stirred up confusion in...

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Let’s hear it for the boys! Pelvic Health for Men: Part One

A gift for Father’s Day to all the men out there and the women who love them: a blog series on pelvic health for men!  My inquiries from men have increased lately, many are desperately searching the web for info and end up at my videos and blogs. The information I share translates across genders...

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Diastasis: Zip it up!

I like to think of a diastasis that has resisted closure like an open zipper. An open fly affects more that just the zipper, it strains the button above, it messes with the fit of the pants, exposes things not supposed to be exposed, etc. Addressing your zipper may need a multi-tiered approach to re-zip:...

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Pelvic Floor Piston: Foundation for Fitness Webinar for women is here!

It’s here! The online course I designed to take women step by step through my approach to incontinence, and creating a sturdy center that anchors movements and fitness is here (finally!). Pelvic Floor Piston: Foundation for Fitness has been in a telehealth research study throughout the Fall of 2013, and we can now release it! We were...

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