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Should you brace your core during exercise?

This is a question I get a lot. So I thought I would share an inquiry that grew from a water cooler conversation at a Pilates studio. Should we use a sustained light brace or as the inquirer here calls it  ‘switched on’ core components at a low level throughout exercise? How does that jive with the...

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prolapse symptoms?

Manual Therapy and the Pelvic Floor: Q and A

Recently my old friend Dr. Erson Religioso interviewed me for his popular blog targeted at an audience of manual therapy pros. I wanted to share an excerpt that reflects a few related questions that I get A LOT! Specifically where does manual therapy fit into my approach to patient care and how does the Diaphragm/Pelvic Floor...

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Q and A: Goldilocks and the "Too Hot" Pelvic Floor

More great webinar questions today. This question is from a fitness pro who is also undergoing treatment herself for pelvic health issues. Q: (In the webinar) you reference a study saying the pelvic floor more strongly activates when sitting upright and with a natural lordotic curve, which makes sense. But apparently I am too lordotic...

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Running while pregnant

To Kegel or Not to Kegel? Is that the Right Question?

Kegels have been getting the run around lately, with folks in both camps-the Kegel-ers and No Kegel-ers staunchly pulling for their views. I am in a different camp….the “let’s-see-the-Kegel-for-what-it-is-(an early rehab tool, if done correctly)-and-then-let’s-take-the-next-step” camp. Kumbaya! In short, a Kegel strengthens the pelvic floor by performing an isolated, isometric hold of the pelvic floor....

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