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Lions, Tigers, High Heels…Oh My!

A recent NY Times Well Blog discussed the dangers of high heels based on an Australian study that compared the differences in foot muscle and tendon activation patterns in frequent vs infrequent high heel wearers while walking barefoot. The study found that frequent high heel wearers (40+ hours/week) retained a barefoot walking pattern that mimicked how...

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The Family Feud: TA Isolation vs Bracing

  The rehab and fitness communities are in the midst of a little family fight over the work of two of our field’s visionaries; Paul Hodges, the grandfather of TA isolation and Stuart McGill, the um…step-dad of bracing. Despite our lack of conclusions or resolution internally, our private fight has leaked to the public in...

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Dynamic Core in Kids- Case Study 12-year-old Male

The following is a summary of a more formal case study (submitted for future publication) of the response of a 12-year-old boy, Michael (name changed for privacy), had to the Dynamic Core for Kids approach. These photos actually capture his progress better than our words! His response was exciting and we are seeing a similar response in kids and adults with a variety of...

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Core Conversations: The Anticipatory vs Reactive Core

Our current definition of the Core is well…ill-defined. I know I have beaten this drum before, but in magazine articles, blogs, internet resources, even research articles, different muscles are included in the “Core” depending on who you read. I even hesitate to use the word because it means something different to each rehab practitioner, and fitness professional (or client) I talk with. Each of us thinks we are doing “Core” work with our patients and clients, but how can...

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Kegel 2.0 Part 1

“How to do a Kegel” articles often recycle the same advice: Use the muscles that stop and start your urine flow. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. (Okay, it was just repeat). The web, self-help books and women’s health magazines are filled with the same articles encouraging this routine. Same advice, with the same result. It doesn’t work....

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