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Holiday 2016: Helping Girls, Women, and Families in Need

Friends! In the spirit of the holidays, I just want to highlight some pretty awesome causes to get behind with your year-end giving. They are working tirelessly to help YOUNG GIRLS, TEENS, WOMEN and FAMILIES. I am sharing two domestic, and two international organizations who could use your support. Please, please read up on this...

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‘Tis the Season 2012

This is such a great time of year, always a time to remember the amazing folks in our life, to make memories, and focus on all that is truly important. A series of events, including the tragedy of Newtown, have brought home how grateful I am for my little family and how precious each day...

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Oh, Snap! Taking Aim at Poise

Poise is on my watch list. I have found some of their advertising messages to be very manipulative. Often the information they share offers women a pad as a solution for incontinence, indicating how “normal” and “no big deal” it is to have a few leaks. It’s never normal, people! While “normalizing” it may help...

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Ode To My Father: V-necks, Coors, and LVADs

My earliest memories of my dad are a mix of lawn mowing in a V-neck Fruit of the Loom, Coors Beer and blood stained lab coats. He was a PhD student when I was born, doing cardiovascular research on cows. He was studying the viability of implantable artificial cardiac support devices. I remember going with...

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40 is the new 30, right?

My 40th birthday is around the corner, and I have already started to notice some physical changes. First, it takes longer to work off the ½ bag of kettle corn consumed the night before. Also, I recently went thru what I can only describe as a hormone storm that left me feeling pregnant AND peri-menopausal...

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