Holiday 2016: Helping Girls, Women, and Families in Need

Friends! In the spirit of the holidays, I just want to highlight some pretty awesome causes to get behind with your year-end giving. They are working tirelessly to help YOUNG GIRLS, TEENS, WOMEN and FAMILIES. I am sharing two domestic, and two international organizations who could use your support. Please, please read up on this amazing work and considering helping.

Mamas for Panzi is raising funds to help girls (some younger than 5) and women who are victims of sexual assault in the Congo. They have an opportunity to get matching funds for up to $5000. This would care for the needs of 2 women (at 5K each-includes things like surgery, counseling, advocacy, and legal assist). You can help their current campaign here. Learn more about all of their efforts here.

Women’s Health Foundation has started a campaign to educate adolescent girls about their pelvic health. “The Talk Before the Talk”-teach them about bladder and bowel health, movement, pelvic health, nutrition, etc. To normalize and prioritize caring for your pelvic health young, will have a ripple effect of change for the next generation of WOMEN. Check out their current campaign here.  More on all of their great work here.

Hope Heals Camp is the inspired venture of Jay and Katherine Wolf. After Katherine’s stroke 7 years ago they have been on a journey to share their story of hope in the midst of the difficulties of having significant disability. They have discovered they are now part of a community, those with disabilities, that are largely marginalized and carry heavy burdens without a lot of support. The Wolfs are organizing 2 camps this summer to support, care for and build community for families who have disabled children. Find out more and donate here.

The needs of Aleppo….I am not sure there is more that needs to be said. The images and stories that are coming from within Syria are horrible and heart wrenching. There are a lot of charities to consider to attempt to meet needs there, but I chose World Vision…simply because I trust them to do what they say what they will do with the money. Check out World Vision USA   World Vision Canada  World Vision Australia to help.

Please consider helping financially and/or by sharing with your social networks. Every little bit helps!

Feel free to add your favorite charity in the comments. There is so much need out there, people….let’s intentionally put ourselves in the path of the world’s needs.

Wishing you and yours the happiest of holidays and a hopeful new year!  Julie

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