‘Tis the Season 2012

This is such a great time of year, always a time to remember the amazing folks in our life, to make memories, and focus on all that is truly important. A series of events, including the tragedy of Newtown, have brought home how grateful I am for my little family and how precious each day is.

David is the supportive man behind the mission I am on to help women. He stands by graciously when I am approached to talk about trampoline triumphs (“no leaks!”) or pelvic pregnancy woes. He works so hard for our family, allowing me the balance of focus on our kids with some passionate work on the side. Best of all he is absolutely hilarious. Our amazing kids, Zoe and Zack, are curious, witty, sassy, brilliant, creative, engaging, strong, silly, sweet and well..awesome. They too know more about the pelvic floor than any 9 and 7 year old probably should, but someday all those pelvic trivial pursuit factoids may come in handy. My cup runneth over.

In small ways I try to give back throughout the year with pro bono consults, answering loads of questions behind the scenes, etc. But at this time of year I try to go bigger with 10% of my profit as financial gifts to some amazing organizations. I share them with you to introduce you to the causes, and with hopes that you would consider a donation too.

SheDances.org She Dances has created a safe house in Honduras for young girls (11-18) who have been trafficked and sexually exploited. I was floored when an organization rep told me that some girls are trafficked from early childhood.

Onegirl.org.au I was introduced to One Girl via Lorimer Moseley’s brilliant display of a little leg at a conference I attended for their “Do It In a Dress” campaign to send girls to school in Sierra Leone. I was excited about a specific campaign they have called LaunchPad, to bring disposable menstruation pads to the women and girls in the area. Post-pubescent girls miss a week of school per month because of their periods.

Scleroderma.org Scleroderma is a rare, autoimmune disease that impacts connective tissues (skin, organs, etc). Disease severity and how it manifests vary from patient to patient. I wanted to honor a friend who was recently diagnosed and aid the research to seek solutions.

There is much need in our world. We are all meant to impact those around us with our gifts and skills. Get out there and right some wrongs, hold a door open, care for a stranger, hug your (a) kid, and give back with all your talents and resources. Thanks to these amazing organizations for the work they do to care for the people around them.

Prayers for a sweet season for each of you. Julie

2 thoughts on “‘Tis the Season 2012”

  1. Joanie Lehman, MPT says:

    Wonderful, heart-felt post Julie. And thank YOU for all you do, and for sharing your amazing talents and skills with the PT world. I am proud to call you my friend.

  2. Julie Wiebe says:

    Thanks Joanster! Julie

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