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Blog Category: Pelvic Organ Prolapse

Science for the People Podcast: Pregnancy Recovery and Prolapse

Listen in here – Science for the People Podcast episode #459 Excited to share this podcast. The topic: pregnancy recovery and our lack of strategies for women here in the US. First, Kate Clancy, an anthropologist that studies maternal health, shares both her professional and recent personal experience of a very difficult early postpartum period...

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Q and A: Swimming and Pelvic Organ Prolapse

Q: Do you have any suggestions for swimming with a pelvic organ prolapse.  A:  I really love swimming for my female athletes as they work to recover from prolapse and return to some movement and fitness and get their heart rate up. Generally, the lack of impact makes it a great place for ladies who...

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Return to Running with Prolapse

Let’s talk about your return to running with prolapse. This podcast conversation is a classic and full of ideas. Dr. Bri Grogan (now of Vibrant Pelvic Health) and I hash out how to begin to build back to running with pelvic organ prolapse and other issues like incontinence.  Prepare for Running with Prolapse Listen in...

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Training the Reflexive Response of the Pelvic Floor

Q: Hey, Julie! Can your Pelvic Floor ever act automatically again without having to think about it? L A: Take heart! I do think many women can achieve an automatic response from their pelvic floor again, as a part of the whole continence system. But we have to train the system for that. So I take...

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