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Q and A: Goldilocks and the "Too Hot" Pelvic Floor

More great webinar questions today. This question is from a fitness pro who is also undergoing treatment herself for pelvic health issues. Q: (In the webinar) you reference a study saying the pelvic floor more strongly activates when sitting upright and with a natural lordotic curve, which makes sense. But apparently I am too lordotic...

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Q & A: Have Any Advice on Exercise During Pregnancy? Do I!

My webinar has been generating a lot of great questions behind the scenes. I love this one because it is from a male physical therapist on behalf of his newly pregnant wife. How sweet and cool is that?! Q: My wife and I just found out we are having our first child. I had some questions about my...

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The Junkless Trunk: And Not in A Good Way

I get my sweat on twice a week with a park workout that I love - brisk walking, plyometrics and strengthening. Just me, the dog, a resistance tube, birds chirping, flowers blooming, sun shining and (cue nails scratching a chalkboard) the local stroller fitness...

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Injury-proof your workout

Before my transition to women’s health, I cut my teeth as a physical therapist in the world of sports medicine, working with recreational and professional athletes. Most of my patients found their way to me as a result of three things 1) overly aggressive exercise program progression 2) moving too quickly back into exercise after...

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