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Running while pregnant

What are your pet peeves around exercising during pregnancy?

Today marks the end of my sabbatical. It was in a word…busy. Busier than I had intended, but I was getting ahead on some important projects and spending some important time with family, and friends. I did find some quiet time in there for myself, for which I am very grateful. In the midst, I...

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Training the Reflexive Response of the Pelvic Floor

Q: Hey, Julie! Can your Pelvic Floor ever act automatically again without having to think about it? L A: Take heart! I do think many women can achieve an automatic response from their pelvic floor again, as a part of the whole continence system. But we have to train the system for that. So I take...

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Let’s Hear It For the Boys! Pelvic Health for Men: Part Three

 Welcome back to our blog series on Male Pelvic Health. In part one, Sarah Haag introduced us to the basic issues and common diagnoses experienced by men. In part two, she offered an understanding of how pelvic physical therapy can address pelvic pain when an infection is no longer, or never was, the culprit (often mis-diagnosed...

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KGoal: What’s the Big Deal?

A new pelvic floor product is getting lots of press called the KGoal. I have to say I am not that excited about yet another product that sells isolated pelvic floor strengthening. I am sure the KGoal and all products of its kind do a great job at what they are sold to do…teach you...

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Dear Dr. Oz…..why you constantly need to pee

Dear Dr. Oz, You always tackle tough topics for your audience, and for that I am grateful. You have opened the door for conversations between women’s health practitioners like myself and women within our communities. I have written in the past to comment and add suggestions on show topics, in hopes of contributing our most up to...

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