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Grace and Grit Podcast: Bridging the Gap between Rehab and Fitness for Women

Check out the podcast here: Ep 62: Courtney Townley, a passionate, holistic women’s health coach and experienced fitness pro who speaks into ALL areas of women’s lives through her own work and her podcast! I was excited to have a convo that I hope will continue to advance the message of pelvic floor and...

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PT Pintcast: Incurably Curious about the Pelvic Floor

I had the pleasure of chatting with Jimmy Moore of the PT Pintcast podcast. Click through to listen in. Here are a few highlights from his show notes: It’s not just about pee, poop, and sex – recognizing the pelvic floor as a powerful ally (2:27), And, per input from other pelvic health PTs Carrie Pagliano...

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