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The CrossFit Games have come and gone, but the conversations it stirs inside both rehab and fitness carry on! I had a conversation with CrossFit Headquarters last winter on all things pelvic health and pelvic health messaging inside their community (both female and male). The topics we covered are still relevant today as CrossFit pushes fitness, boundaries and buttons.

I sat down to chat with the PTPintcast podcast about how it all played out, hitting PRs and staying dry, reframing incontinence as a performance issue and where *I hope* the conversation is heading.

Check it out here (my part of the conversation- 19:10-31:39)

CrossFit Conversations

Be a part of the conversation by checking out the CFHQ blog series here: 

It all began with a blog post:

Dear CrossFit HQ

The response and conversations generated by the blog were fascinating and all over the map. I addressed them and the common goals we all have to promote fitness and health for men and women over their lifetime:

Dear CrossFitHQ Update: How the Conversation Has Evolved.

The most important conversation was with CrossFit HQ themselves on twitter (as @CrossFitGames). You can see it unedited here:

Dear CrossFitHQ: The Complete Twitter Conversation


Join the conversation below, and keep the conversation up with the CrossFit community in your area ! 

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