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Pelvic Floor Health

New Podcast: What is the Range of Normal in pelvic floor health?

    I recently got to sit down with anthropologist and mama, Kate Clancy. She studies periods, reproductive health, and has recently had her own experience navigating pelvic health during pregnancy and post partum. She also does roller derby in her spare time….love it! It was great opportunity to introduce the concepts I share with...

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Science for the People Podcast: Pregnancy Recovery and Prolapse

Listen in here – Science for the People Podcast episode #459 Excited to share this podcast. The topic: pregnancy recovery and our lack of strategies for women here in the US. First, Kate Clancy, an anthropologist that studies maternal health, shares both her professional and recent personal experience of a very difficult early postpartum period...

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Pelvic Floor Health and Running: It’s So Much More than Incontinence!

So excited to share this conversation with Another Mother Runner on pelvic health and running. It was such a blast! Got to share lots of ideas to continue to first broaden our definition of what a pelvic health problem is, then link it to common postpartum running inefficiencies that may never have been considered from...

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PT Tech Talk Video & Podcast: Online/Offline Courses & Mentoring

I had the opportunity to chat with @davekittle and @ptliveguy for their @pttechtalkpodcast. The creation of my online course library, social media, #telehealth and the use of online platforms for mentoring were the topics du jour. Check it out!  Listen in above from Youtube or from these options:FacebookApple...

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