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Tips for Return to Running with Prolapse

I recently had the opportunity to hash out how to begin to build back to running for women with pelvic organ prolapse and other pelvic health issues. Have a listen as I chat with Dr. Bri Grogan on her  FemFusionFitness   YouTube channel!     Don’t want to miss a post? Sign up for my newsletter...

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Dear Friends and Colleagues Part Two!

Dear Friends and Colleagues, It’s that time of year again, folks. I am headed out on a professional sabbatical. No surprise, the timing coincides with my kids summer break, and I am looking forward to hang time with them. It is also an attempt to maintain some balance for me, my family and my professional...

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Butt Wink, Hip Openers and the Pelvic Floor

Butt wink is the awesomely named tucking under of the bum at the bottom of a squat (loaded and unloaded). Some great blogs on the subject include a great review of the anatomical/structural contributions to the issue by Ann Wendel for Girl Gone Strong. Dean Somerset had a great review and ways to delineate the potential...

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Dear Dr. Oz…..why you constantly need to pee

Dear Dr. Oz, You always tackle tough topics for your audience, and for that I am grateful. You have opened the door for conversations between women’s health practitioners like myself and women within our communities. I have written in the past to comment and add suggestions on show topics, in hopes of contributing our most up to...

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prolapse symptoms?

Manual Therapy and the Pelvic Floor: Q and A

Recently my old friend Dr. Erson Religioso interviewed me for his popular blog targeted at an audience of manual therapy pros. I wanted to share an excerpt that reflects a few related questions that I get A LOT! Specifically where does manual therapy fit into my approach to patient care and how does the Diaphragm/Pelvic Floor...

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