New Podcast: What is the Range of Normal in pelvic floor health?



Pelvic Floor Health

I recently got to sit down with anthropologist and mama, Kate Clancy. She studies periods, reproductive health, and has recently had her own experience navigating pelvic health during pregnancy and post partum. She also does roller derby in her spare time….love it! It was great opportunity to introduce the concepts I share with women related to pelvic floor health, pregnancy, pregnancy recovery and return to fitness. Particularly for those that haven’t had symptom resolution from #kegels. If you are a new to the concepts I teach or to the mission to help women approach their pelvic health and fitness with educated hope….this is a great place to start. Grateful for opportunities like these to have conversations that help expand our understanding of how relevant pelvic health and the pelvic floor are to our pursuit of function and fitness. Thanks Kate! Have a listen. 


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