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Blog Category: Pregnancy

Pelvic Health for Female Athletes

Pelvic Floor Health for Female Athletes with Julie Foucher

I had the opportunity to sit down and chat with Physician and CrossFit Games athlete, Julie Foucher, to discuss the unique needs of female athletes before, during and after pregnancy. Have a listen to the Pursuing Health Podcast and let me know what you think!    In this episode we discuss: Julie’s athletic background and...

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Running while pregnant

Q and A: How long can I keep running while pregnant?

Q: : I am just curious for your thoughts about how long I can keep running while pregnant. I have seen some of your posts on pregnant CrossFitters modifying workouts while pregnant. Some of my pelvic floor physio friends say to stop running at the latest when I am 16 weeks pregnant. I am currently 14 weeks...

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Science for the People Podcast: Pregnancy Recovery and Prolapse

Listen in here – Science for the People Podcast episode #459 Excited to share this podcast. The topic: pregnancy recovery and our lack of strategies for women here in the US. First, Kate Clancy, an anthropologist that studies maternal health, shares both her professional and recent personal experience of a very difficult early postpartum period...

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