MYTH BUSTS! BREATHING! BASELINES! Podcast with the Connected Yoga Teacher

Podcast-a-palooza! I’m back with another great interviewer asking in-depth questions on how we can optimize post-partum recovery. We talked about starting that path before you even get pregnant and finding your pre-pregnancy baselines so you understand YOUR norm and what changed. We also bust some myths about “fixing your anterior tilt” and assuming every pregnant women is hyperlordotic. Why it matters, and some tips on how to optimize positions to ease access to breathing and muscles that support women’s pelvic health through  pregnancy and beyond. We even got to talk maternity leaves, and health equity. Lots of nuggets in this one! Check it out here or click below!

Thanks again to Shannon and team at The Connected Yoga Teacher for a great chat!  

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2 thoughts on “MYTH BUSTS! BREATHING! BASELINES! Podcast with the Connected Yoga Teacher”

  1. Kelsey says:

    I listened to this podcast while at work at it was so helpful as a new mom, pediatric PT. This gives me the inspiration to make my dream of treating mom’s and babies in the same clinic a reality!

    1. Julie Wiebe says:

      That’s great news! Good luck! Julie

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