Stumbling Forward-2021

I posted this on my social media platforms and wanted it to be documented here too. It is my hope as we keep pressing forward.

Stumbling Forward-2021

As I stumble forward along with you into an already intense 2021, I wanted to commit to paper what I hope happens here.

My goals on all my platforms are to promote thinking and reasoning, not formulas. To promote moving the conversation forward for womyn, ALL WOMYN. To use this platform to promote depth of understanding around the issues that impact them: from pelvic health to fitness/sport; from public policy, and healthcare reform to barriers to care; from research to education to application.

Broadening our understanding so that we can care for, not just treat or train, but CARE for the entire person standing in front of us.We are treating brains, hearts and bodies within their social, family and cultural context. They are intertwined.

That interconnectedness can get lost in the communication of information in social media. If we post concepts and tips without context, they can be understood and applied as disconnected from a larger reasoning process and may lack the outcome we are hoping for, or worse, do harm. If we post a lot of context and reasoning, the actual application and how-to is often a challenge. So what to do? My way forward has been to shift to posting in long-form, thinking in a topical series of posts or themes each month and through podcasts, IG interviews, blogs, videos, research, etc. That’s been my goal, and I’m doubling down on it in 2021.

My hope is to continue to move the conversation, our thinking, and your desire to learn more…forward. Social media should be a gateway, sparking your interest to learn more, not the end of your learning. Please seek out depth, context, and reasoning….take full courses, work with the concepts on lots of types of bodies before posting about it to others, discuss it with colleagues, integrate it with existing skills, think a few steps down the therapeutic process, ask questions, read research, make it meaningful to your patient population and their context, etc.

Do the deep work of OWNING the ideas.

Having said all that, there will be one-offs, research announcements, a few videos of my new puppy, and this feed will continue to acknowledge the history we are all living through.

Onward. Forward.

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