Time for a Break!

It’s that time of year again, time for a summer sabbatical for me from social media. My kids are off school, and I am very aware that I am running out of summers with them. I have done these in the past and in addition to being life giving…literally….they have also been important for me to step back and sort out my next steps. This time is no exception. I will be exploring a few options and opportunities that have come my way, hoping for some new directions in the near future. My “be strong and courageous” post yesterday really was as much for me as it was for you guys. As I step onto new paths, I am excited to see where they lead me.

If you want to keep up with me while I am offline,  or stay up to date on new ideas, blogs, clinical pearls,  live events, mentoring opportunities, and new online courses…..please join my newsletter.  I will regularly be communicating with my network while I am off to keep them in the loop and equipped! 

Here’s where else you will be able to find me: 

I will still be seeing patients, my first love and training ground. This sabbatical will not effect current patients, and I will still be working diligently through my waitlist. Find patient info here.

I will continue to provide private and group mentoring. More info on mentoring here and more is coming.

I will still be doing interviews and will happily show up from time to time when you least expect it in Facebook lives, IG lives, podcasts and print interviews (and responding occasionally to social media tags).

I will be prepping for my Fall teaching schedule, both  professional development courses and conferences, I am already scheduling 2020. Check out my live schedule here. (2019 updates coming soon)

I will still be blogging (when the spirit moves).  You can find my blog here, and join my newsletter to be notified of new blogs. 

I will be developing more online curriculum (now I might actually have time to do it). You can find my online courses here.

Looking forward to a rest and new directions.

Take care everyone! 


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