Progress Isn’t Always a Straight Line

Progress isn’t always a straight line. Rehab and returning to activities you enjoy can be a fickle beast.  . Or if we just do these four exercises you will be all better, but that is not always how it works. This is particularly true in the early post-partum period. Women are healing, tired, hormones are all over the place, life changed, they changed, their body is unfamiliar, and emotions are big. Some have an actual birth injury to manage, while others are simply putting the pieces of the physical puzzle created by a pregnancy back together. There is a lot going on. Some days things click and it feels like you gained yardage, on others it feels like you took a step back. Sometimes things just stand still. I am here to tell you that’s all normal, and is a pretty typical path during recovery, it has twists and turns for everyone.

My job is to help women navigate all these variables, and it is not always easy to sort out which one or two may or may not be causing a roadblock to progress. Monitor, modify, motivate, move…are all a part of guiding folks through pregnancy recovery. But sometimes the only roadblock to overcome is time and it can also be the hardest to deal with. We can guide and set things up to optimize your recovery, but we cannot speed up time. Pregnancy and delivery are no joke…we gotta honor that healing from it takes time.

A stop sign on the road, or a left turn you weren’t expecting may seem like you have been thrown off course….but it may be exactly what you need to make steady progress toward the top.

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