Overhead Work for Pregnant Female Athletes with Diastasis

One of the tools I employ with my female athletes is to limit their overhead work if they are pregnant with a diastasis. Listen in for the reasoning behind this temporary boundary I set for my pregnant athletes who lift or exercise overhead. This is neither a rule or a formula, instead gain an understanding of HOW, WHEN and WHY I implement this for SOME women I work with as an important part of diastasis management and treatment during pregnancy.


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2 thoughts on “Overhead Work for Pregnant Female Athletes with Diastasis”

  1. Mary Tepe says:

    Hi Julie! Great info!

    Question about women with a diastasis and urinary incontinence provoked with running. This patient in particular has a very strong pelvic floor contraction. I fear she is always tensing her abdominals due to the diastosis which is building more pressure on her pelvic floor. What is your advice for that type of patient? I am unsure if I should allow her to continue tensing TA to help reduce the IRD or just emphasize more of strength but building endurance? Would love your thoughts!

    1. Julie Wiebe says:

      Hi there,

      Thanks for your question. I have lots of resources on my site for the care of diastasis (start with Zip it Up) and running (Start with Tips for Runners and Wanna Be Runners who Leak and/or podcast Running and Prolapse..similar concepts). I don’t ascribe to one muscle solutions for any issues, but diastasis and incontinence particularly. They are multifactorial, and understanding how to balance muscular force and pressure is how to address both at the same time. Check out this video for more on that:http://www.juliewiebept.com/individual/the-diaphragm-and-our-internal-pressure-system/ . I would also suggest exploring how to address the system more in depth by pursuing some of my online professional development courses….the answers are in there! You can find them here:http://www.juliewiebept.com/products/online-courses/

      Hope that helps. Julie

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