Dear Crossfit HQ : The Complete Twitter Conversation

Here it is…the full Twitter conversation with CrossFit HQ. I am simply posting this in its raw format, without commentary, so you can draw your own conclusions. 

A Twitter conversation is really challenging to have, follow and to present in a format that is easy to sort through. There are lots of twists and turns. Questions, comments and answers don’t necessarily come in order, and when others join in the conversation, it can take different paths. Mad props to my Lead Admin, Brittany Haidet, for pulling these composites together. You will need to enlarge your screen to see them clearly. Read them from top to bottom, then repeat as you move left to right. To try to help keep things as clear as possible, there are places where the original question or comment that sparked a part of the dialogue is repeated and marked as such for clarity and context for the tweets that follow. 

For context the original posting by CrossFit Games showing the Pee-R can be found here.

My original blog to try to respectfully open a dialogue can be found here: Dear CrossFit HQ. That dialogue follows below. 

Earlier this week I posted another blog highlighting the evolution of thought we all go through when presented new ideas and evidence, me too. I was also hoping to highlight that I am not alone trying to change this conversation on and offline.  We are all working together for the common goal of keeping women and men participating in fitness over their lifetime.  

And now back to our regularly scheduled program….







Your questions, comments and thoughts are welcome, please keep them constructive.

Thanks all, and happy holidays from our team to yours. 

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2 thoughts on “Dear Crossfit HQ : The Complete Twitter Conversation”

  1. Heather Jeffcoat, DPT says:

    Enjoyed the read! I agree and would really like to see a public post by CF that they promote resources when leakage happens. I see their point about her needing support in the moment and defending the video itself, but I am at a loss as to why they did not follow up with education and resources around preventing these types of occurrences in the future.

    1. Julie Wiebe says:

      Yes, I am hoping that they will be more proactive to demonstrate to their community a more unified message around this issue. Yes, if this was my athlete we would celebrate her accomplishment, then take her aside like you would any athlete that demonstrated a deficiency in the lift and say we need to modify X, Y, Z so that your next lift is spot- on without X-Y-Z deficiency (form break, poor finish, lopsided bar, pain or now we need to add to the list….leak).

      Thanks Heather! Happy New Year! Julie

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